Azerbaijanis in the World Network is the first worldwide community of Azerbaijani professionals and students. It is run by a dedicated community of volunteers based in different parts of the world. Since its founding in 2017, we have connected thousands of fellow compatriots who live, work, or stay abroad. We tell stories and keep in touch with expatriated Azerbaijanis through our worldwide networks and events. Our mission:

Connect: Our mission is to create a professional community of like-minded Azerbaijanis abroad and help them build networks on different levels. 

Encourage education: Our scholarships are funded by individual and business donations. We aim to motivate bright and low-income students from Azerbaijan to access world's best rated universities.

Empower women: We believe that giving women a voice is one of the most effective ways to advance the gender equality in our societies. We spotlight achievements of ambitious and inspiring Azerbaijani women professionals who are also ready to support other community members.