Manchester, UK

"The very first social project enabling Azerbaijanis across the world to become united at the virtual venue. For me, it gives sense of power of the nation, it straightens our ties & position wherever we are and chance to meet many wonderful individuals."


Berlin, Germany

"I’ve joined this group just two days ago and when I saw the content I said: “yes', this is what I was looking for!” And, it really made me feel proud! Thanks to people who initiated this idea and gathered all of us in one place! It really motivates me! 


Lund, Sweden

"You, guys, are keeping me motivated and showing that the hard work is really paying back! I am so thankful for inviting me to this group where I can always keep tracking the success of our compatriots along with sharing my own experience and receiving tons of intelligent advices. The most important is to be in the right group with the right people to become successful, so I am here."


Bochum, Germany

"In order to be successful you should also be surrounded by such people who motivate you. These all stories published here make me feel incredibly proud and whenever some foreigner asks me: "is the community of Azerbaijanis big here?“ , I always show this group and get positive feedback. I mean, we all living abroad somehow represent our country, regardless we wish to do it that or not, and I am so happy that we have such amazing and talented people." 


Washington, US

"Talking about my personal experience, it is great to learn about Azerbaijanis' achievements around the world. I have no idea about how you guys can keep track of all people! It is beyond me! Just want to say Thanks for your amazing job that is perfectly done"


Warsaw, Poland

"The only group about Azerbaijanis in the World which makes me feel proud. Even if I’m not active in comments, etc, I always read all those short biographies you share. Hope there will be a meet-up in Warsaw too."


Cambridge, UK

"Should you ever feel haunted by the negativity around the nation of which you form part to the extent that this affected your individual performance, just join this group and stroll across its pages and it won't be long until the "Yes we can" and its associate, "Yes, if we can, then I could, too" feeling will come to kick out the depressive mood."


Budapest, Hungary

"Great group! Happy to see so many talented and smart Azerbaijanis all around the world. The group makes us feel closer and get to know others achievements and successes what is very motivating! Keep on doing this and good luck in every beginning!" 


Stockholm, Sweden

"Absolutely agree with all mentioned above words and thoughts. Keep the same direction. Hope to read more successful stories of our Azerbaijanis who moved abroad and present our country."


Rochester, US

"I guess the most appreciable part of this project is a maintenance of the first-day energy to stay connected. I am very proud, delighted and happy to know and witness to all of these success stories. I would love to be a part of the next projects."


Siena, Italy

"It is the first professional platform where we have meet ups, present the success stories about our compatriots. This motivating initiative make us feel proud of all Azerbaijanis!"


Berlin, Germany

"This is the first project where I can read something positive about Azerbaijanis and feel honored about our people. I hope that this project will help to unite people abroad and become a very strong community of people supporting each other and helping the world to become better." 


Brussels, Belgium

"In my experience, it is the first platform, which connects Azerbaijanis living abroad. It is also nice to have meet ups, read about success stories of other Azerbaijanis, and learn about other communities in other countries."