Azerbaijanis in the World offer webinars in Azerbaijani language. Aim of the webinars is to guide students in Azerbaijan & familiarise with the methods used by the major universities. 


Our instructors are Azerbaijani professionals with a degree from the best rated universities & working for leading companies in different parts of the world.

In the webinars, professionals will present various topics in fields of Information Technology, Physical Sciences and Engineering. Some examples of topics are as below:

Introduction to Cryptography

Introduction to Logic Statistics

Programming Fundamentals (multiple webinars on various programming languages)

Object Oriented Programming

Data Science and Big Data

Full Stack Web Development

Mobile Developments

Internet of Things mbed

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Software System Architecture

Algorithms & Data Structure

Introduction to Electronics

Digital Electronics Design

Analog Electronics Design

Embedded Systems

Signal Processing

Integrated Circuit Design

Power Electronics

Energy Harvesting


Embedded Sensors & Motors


App Development

Hardware Development

Boards: Arduino

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